Web-Slide Exercise Rail System


Use our streamlined exercise rail system to increase your productivity, educate your patients and improve patient compliance.  It eliminates the clutter and inefficiencies of tying your tubes, bands and pulleys all over the clinic.  One space saving work station, quickly anchors your exercise devices at any level.  Once trained, patients can easily replicate their training session at home, by wedging the web strap anchoring device in any standard door.


Bring greater organization, increased versatility, and streamlined efficiency to all your exercise sessions.

Quick and Effective Clinic to Home Transitions … as Easy as 1, 2, 3, 4.

  1. Select the appropriate exercise device.
  2. Slip the web strap into the slot at the desired elevation and fasten the safety slide.
  3. Show patient how to perform the chosen exercise.
  4. Provide the patient with the same PrePak exercise device to use at home.

System Includes

A set of three Exercise Rails

  • Each rail measures 6” x 28”
  • There are five anchor points at 5” intervals on each rail
  • Mounting hardware
  • Three EZ Lock Safety Slides

One Storage Rack

  • Sixteen positions for storing and organizing tubes and other exercise devices that contain web anchor straps
  • A 2” trough on the top for storing accessories
  • Measures 24” x 3” x 2”
  • Mounting hardware

Home Ranger® Original Shoulder Pulley

ExerBand 6′ Bilateral Tubes — 5 pieces, 1 of each resistance level with handles and anchor straps.

ExerBand 3′ Unilateral Tubes — 5 pieces, 1 of each resistance level with handle and anchor straps.

Extremity Strap — anchors tubing comfortably to ankle, wrist, arm or thigh.

ExerBand Wall Poster


  • Use only PrePak anchor straps to affix exercise devices to exercise rails
  • Before each use, inspect tubing for nicks, cuts, and abrasion or wear.
  • Never stretch tubing more than twice it’s length. Do not stretch tubing towards the face.
  • Exercise Rails must be mounted onto wood or metal studs.
  • Do not mount Exercise Rails in or around pool/spa areas.
  • Tested up to 1,000 pounds.

More Exercise Choice

15 “easy-slide” anchor point elevations along a seven-foot vertical plane greatly increase the number of individual exercises your patients can perform.

You are no longer limited to “floor-up” exercise choices or by the hard-to-find, inconvenient anchor points available in your clinic.

Adds Versatility

  • Easily perform exercises for trunk, upper, and lower extremities. Exercise facing or turned away from the anchor point, and in standing, sitting, kneeling, or prone positions.
  • Use with a variety of web-strap exercise devices to meet a wide range of rehab needs.


Saves Time

  • Just slide a web-strap exercise device onto the Exercise Rail at the desired elevation and begin exercise.
  • There are no moving parts, no complicated equipment, and no obstacles to interrupt or slow your exercise sessions.
  • No more lost time looking for misplaced equipment or hard-to-find anchor points.
  • Accessory materials let you quickly prescribe exercise routines and help you to monitor progress and maintain patient histories.


Speeds Recovery

  • Exercise routines performed in the clinic on the Exercise Rails are easily replicated, using any standard door in a home, office, or hotel setting.
  • The web-straps used to anchor devices to the Exercise Rail also safely connect equipment to any door.


Compact Space

  • The Exercise Rail requires just six inches of horizontal floor space.
  • A complete assortment with storage rack and 2’x3′ exercise wall poster requires just three feet.


Durable, Safe Construction

  • Exercise Rails are made of strong gauge stainless steel and will not wear down or corrode with constant, heavy use.
  • Each of the die-cut anchor points is protected with rolled steel to eliminate sharp edges and promote safe usage.


Easy, Easy, Easy

  • Easy to install. Exercise Rails mount to any wall stud in just minutes (installation materials and instructions included).
  • Easy to use. Simply side a web-strap exercise device onto any of the 15 anchor points and begin the exercise session.
  • Easy to maintain. There are no moving parts, nothing to break. The Exercise Rail is truly a “no muss, no fuss” piece of equipment.


Modular Design for Flexibility

  • Spread Exercise Rails to create three separate stations or place them together in a single, space saving seven-foot vertical line.
  • Each 28-inch rail section contains five anchor point elevations. Purchase one, two, or three rail sections depending on your special area of focus. For example, if you focus primarily on shoulder or uper extremity problems, you might need only a single rail section per workout station.
  • Perform total body rehab with three rail sections — one each for upper body, lower body, and trunk.


Fifteen Anchor Points for Maximum Effectiveness

  • Three vertically placed rail sections create a seven-foot exercise station.
  • The fifteen anchor points are separated by five-inch increments from floor to top-of-door height.
  • You have the exact anchor point elevation you need to achieve your targeted result.
  • Because the seven-foot station is door height, all the exercises patients learn in the clinic can be exactly duplicated in a home, office, or hotel setting — anywhere there is a door.


Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 29 × 18 × 9 in


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