Vaginal Probe – Option for Ultra9000


Vaginal Probe as Accessory for Ultra9000 EMS for Incontinence

Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles through electrical stimulation

The cause of exercise-induced and stress incontinence is often undertrained muscles in the pelvic floor. For example, following pregnancy or in old age the sphincter and the other muscles of the pelvic floor are no longer in balance. This can lead to a few drops leaking out due to physical strain, laughing or sneezing. Get your quality of life back and give your pelvic floor muscles targeted training with an EMS vaginal probe.

Like all muscles, the pelvic floor muscles are activated by electrical stimulation. This is a natural procedure in the human body that is simulated by the electrical muscle stimulation that comes via a vaginal probe. EMS effectively causes the muscles to contract. However, the procedure also provides you with other options. The pleasant tingling sensation raises the circulation and blood flow, with a positive effect on the bladder, intestines and uterus, and can also improve your sex life.

Please note that vaginal probes not in their original packaging cannot be taken back. The cancellation right for a probe expires on removal of the seal after delivery of the goods, since the product is then not suitable for return for reasons of health protection and hygiene.

Stainless steel may contain nickel.

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Electrical Stimulation with Vaginal Probe as Alternative to Pelvic Floor Exercises

It is vital to every training programme that it be carried out correctly and regularly. Especially in the pelvic floor area it is difficult to monitor whether muscle exercises have been carried out correctly. Specially designed programs cause pelvic floor muscles to contract by means of harmless stimulation current pulses. The special electrodes of the certified EMS devices connect directly with the muscles. Simply follow the clear instructions in the operating manual of your electrical stimulation device.

Quality for Effective Electrical Stimulation

This special form of vaginal probe was developed to counteract incontinence in women. Its ergonomics ensure a perfect fit and a pleasant wearing experience. You will quickly get used to it and be able to relax while you let the stimulation current do its work. The contact gel you can also buy here in the shop makes insertion easier and improves the transmission of the current.

Before you use it, discuss with your doctor which EMS stimulation current device and which therapy is most suitable, and avoid application during menstruation and intermenstrual bleeding as well as myomas, urinary tract infections or urinary retention.

Connections: 2-mm-Buchsen
Length: 72 mm
Max. Diameter: 28 mm
Electrodes: Rust-free stainless steel
Cable Length: 300 mm

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 3 in


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