THERABAND Rehab and Wellness Station


  • The THERABAND Rehab and Wellness Station is a total body strengthening workout station for professional strength training and rehabilitation purposes
  • Compact in size, using only a 6 ft. x 6 ft. space, the exercise platform accommodates elastic resistance tubing, stability trainer pads, exercise balls, and rocker boards
  • Includes a molded, high-impact platform with 6 connection points for the Thera-Band® Elastic Resistance Tubing and 36” padded bar with two connection straps
  • Comes with complete accessory package of tubing connectors, soft grip handles, nylon straps, extremity straps, waist belt, head strap, & wide soft grip bar


  • Total Body Rehabilitation System

Pulley machines use isotonic resistance whereas THERABAND Rehab and Wellness Station uses elastic resistance for therapy and rehabilitation. Elastic resistance has a more natural “strength curve” than traditional pulley exercises. In addition, the rehab station provides multiple vectors of resistance at the same time. The total body rehabilitation system is ideal for developing strength and balance as well as core training.

Strengthens Upper & Lower Extremities

The multi-dimensional design provides three planes (vertical, horizontal, and transverse) of movement enabling the same THERABAND system of progression in the comfort of users’ homes. Designed to strengthen upper and lower extremities, the rehab and wellness station features slide tracks, position indicators, and one-hand lockdown to enable easy patient set-up, charting, and documentation. To improve stability, the system features two exercise handles and two assist straps with D-ring connectors.

Uses THERABAND Clip-Connect Resistance Tubing

THERABAND Rehab and Wellness Station is constructed with countless attachment options for complex movement patterns needed to replicate functional activities and range of motion. This wall mount station includes one pair of each length tubing each in a different color (resistance level): 12”, 18”, 24”, red, green and blue. The 9 pairs of THERABAND tubing is securely attached with clip-connectors. The unit also comes available with three THERABAND Pro Series SCP Exercise Balls: one yellow 45 cm, one red 55 cm, and one green 65 cm.

Additional information

Weight 55 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 24 × 12 in


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