StimTec Carbon Electrodes 2″ x 2″ Square


2″ x 2″ Square Carbon Electrodes with Carbon. Our most economical choice for patient, portable electrotherapy.


  • Ideal for use with portable TENS, EMS, NMES or IFC units
  • Pinstyle fitting fits most portable electrotherapy units
  • Reusable, self-adhesive electrodes 
  • Cloth backing 
  • Tamper proof, resealable package
  • Health Canada Lic. 91410

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StimTec Carbon Electrodes 2″ x 2″ Square

Formally called StimTec Essential Electrodes

Instructions for application of electrodes

1- Apply electrode only to unbroken skin. Clean electrode application area with soap and water, rinse and dry.

2- With electrode still on liner, connect lead wire from stimulation device to electrode connector.

3- Remove electrode from liner by grasping edge and peeling it off the liner. Retain liner for storage. 

4- Place the electrode on the exact skin location (should be determined by a medical professional) by applying the center of the electrode first and smoothing down to the electrode edge.

Removal of electrodes

1- Remove electrode from skin by peeling from its edge.

2- Replace electrode on liner and return to re-sealable packaging.

Re-application and storage of electrode

1- If the electrode gel appears dry, add a few drops of water to the gel. Let rest to tacky stage, then apply to skin.

2- Between uses return the electrode to liner and store in the re-sealable bag in a cool place out of direct sunlight. 417F-807F (57C-277C)

Warning – These electrodes are used for a single patient only. If skin irritation develops, discontinue use and consult a physician. Electrodes should not be placed in any location where a current will be applied to head or neck. Patients with a pacemaker or any other metallic/electric implants should consult a physician before using.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 2 in


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