Polar Ice Reusable Hot Cold Pack (Large: 10″ x 15″)


Polar Ice Hot Cold Pack reduces hemorrhaging, muscle spasms and pain. It promotes faster recovery and can be used as a cold or warm therapeutic compress. Freeze it for use as a long-lasting cold pack. Heat in microwave or in hot water for hot pack use. The pack remains flexible when frozen and may be easily contoured to the body. This FSA-approved Polar Ice hot cold pack is reusable, convenient and effective.

Polar Ice Packs – Reusable Cold & Hot Therapy Gel Ice Packs Benefits

  • Size: Large 10″ x 15″
  • Help reducing pain and swelling
  • Durable ice packs
  • Can be reused time and time again
  • Can be used for cold or warm compresses


Polar Flexible Hot and Cold Packs Features

  • These gel packs are nontoxic, low cost, non-caustic gel packs unparalleled in its therapeutic efficiency
  • Increase range of motion circulation
  • Can be applied several times a day
  • These packs are flexible
  • Enhance the deep tissue cooling efficiency while it is in the freezer
  • Can be used as both hot or cold therapy
  • Contoured to the body after freezing
  • Reduce hemorrhaging, muscle spams and promote quick recovery
  • Can be heated with hot water or microwave oven on low

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How to care for Polar Reusable Gel Packs?

  • Must be placed in a cover or light towel before applying to skin
  • Compress should not be used more than 20 minutes per treatment
  • Although hot packs and cold packs are considered to be non-hazardous, use it with proper care and handling precautions to prevent unnecessary contact with or inhalation of product dusts
  • Good housekeeping is essential – dust generated in normal handling should be cleaned up immediately to prevent potential slippery conditions

First Aid: In case of skin or eye contact, flush with clean running water

Steps To Take If Spilled:

  • Pick up spilled material and containerize
  • Vacuum area or flush with water to remove residues
  • Note: Product becomes slippery when wet

Additional information

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