PinoTape Kinesiology Tape Sport Extra Strong Tape (Made in German)


The tape of the therapists! The kinesiology tape sets new standards with sensational adhesive power for the heaviest loads with very good skin tolerance. Made from lightweight and quick-drying rayon. In subtle beige. Roll (L x W): 5m x 5cm.

  • Universally applicable
  • Extra strong adhesive power
  • Revolutionary backing material made from lightweight rayon
  • Elongation 140 – 150%
  • Moisture-regulating and latex-free
  • Full range of motion
  • No loss of tension even after a long period of wearing
  • Even borders and edges stick reliably for a long time
  • Also ideal for heavily sweating patients
  • Very good skin tolerance
  • Recommended by physiotherapists and competitive athletes
  • High quality medical product
  • Fast drying
  • In many other colors


PINOTAPE Sport with extra strong adhesion for the use of functional, reflective taping methods

Specially adapted to the needs of performance-oriented athletes. Universally applicable in high, reliable quality for use in physiotherapy and at home.

Taping with the PINOTAPE Sport should support your muscles without restricting your freedom of movement and is suitable for all your sporting activities.¹ The maximum tension of the PINOTAPE is maintained even when worn for a long time.


Plus points for therapy¹:

  • Supports joint problems and muscle injuries (also ideal for runner’s or jumper’s knee, golfer’s and tennis elbow and unstable shoulder)
  • Withstands all sports activities
  • Particularly long wearing time
  • Rayon is particularly fast-drying


Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 2 in

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