Paraffin Wax Unscented Scent Free 2 lbs Block


  • Physiotherapy Paraffin Wax – Unscented – Scent Free (2 lbs block)
  • Soothes and moisturizes dry skin
  • Temporarily relieves pain caused by arthritis, bursitis and chronic joint inflammation
  • Provides deep heat treatment when used with heated mittens or slippers
  • Promotes muscle relaxation, relieves stiffness and stimulates circulation
  • Used in Therabath Wax machine or other professional paraffin heating units
  • Made in Canada

Qty: 2 lbs block or 6 lbs (3 x 2 lbs block)


Paraffin Wax Unscented Scent Free 2 lbs Block

1. Place paraffin in an approved Paraffin heater/bath.
2. Heat to melt.
3. Hold temperature between 46-68°C or 115-154°F.
4. Always confirm temperature is in usage range prior to use.
5. Extended exposure (longer than application to area) to hot paraffin may cause burns.
6. Apply Paraffin to treatment area by Registered Therapist recommendation or government approved technique.

Caution: Do not apply wax to pimples, moles, wart, sunburn or inflamed area.

Ingredients: Physiotherapy wax (FDA approved), Lecithin.

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