KWD-808I 6-Channel Multi-Purpose Acupuncture Stimulator


  • KWD808-I Multipurpose health device × 1
  • Acupoint detecting Pen × 1
  • Output electrode wires × 6
  • Electric wire for pads × 2
  • Self-stick electric sticker × 4
  • foam box against Shock × 1
  • Instruction manual (Chinese and English) × 1
  • Acupoint figure (39cm × 44cm) × 1
  • DC 9V Adapter (6 sets C batteries can replace the adapter, batteries not included) × 1


KWD-808I is professional model of acupuncture apparatus, having a very nice and modern design. They are mainly used in clinics and hospitals for detection of acupuncture points, massage (T.E.N.S.), acupuncture (electro-needle therapy) and magneto-therapy. These units are equipped with built- in timer and can perform 5 different kinds of waveform and each waveform is indicated by a symbol which lights up when selected. Accompanied with various kind of accessories, such as GSR electrodes and magnets enabling these units become an essential equipment in daily use by acupuncturist.
Model KWD-808I has following features:
1. Functions:

A) Detection of body points
B) Replacement of hand massage
C) Equivalent effective results to that of traditional acupuncture
D) With Magneto-pulse therapy
E) With built-in time interval therapy  

2. Features:

This device has 5 types of magneto pulse wave-forms
A) Continuous wave
B) Dense-disperse wave
C) Intermittent wave
D) Ripple wave
E) Respiration wave
These wave-forms have the following characteristics:
1.low voltage
2.low frequency
3. Bi-directional

Model KWD808-1—– 6 channels

1.An output regulator : a voltage meter showing the intensity of the output
2.Frequency pilot lamp indicator
3.Power pilot lamp indicator


1)Pulse wave-forms:
a)positive pulse wave has square wave form, its duration is approximately 0.5-0.8ms, & output peak voltage is >80V at 1 K Resistance.
b)Negative pules wave has triangular wave – form, output peak voltage> 80V at 1 K resistance.
2)Output wave-forms:
a)Continuous wave: Regular pulses, its frequency is about 2-100c/s (Hz)
b)Dense disperse wave: Dense & disperse waves display alternatively, its frequency is 10-40 Hz.
c)Intermittent wave: Dense wave shows at regular interval at a frequency of 10-40 cycles per minute.
d)Ripple wave: Pulse frequency is 100 Hz, its amplitude increases to maximum and drops to minimum suddenly, and repeats the process at a frequency of 10-40 cycles per minute.
e)Respiration wave: Pulse frequency is about 100Hz, its amplitude increases and decreases alternatively at a frequency of 10~40 cycles per minute.
3)Power: DC 1.5V x 6
4)Power Consumption: 2W
5)Weight: 1.2kg
6)Measurement: 220 x 170 x75mm  


A) 1 set of searching pen & hand electrode
B) 6 sets of extension wires & spring clip
C) 12 pcs. rubber conductors
D) 1 piece of power adaptor

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 8 in


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