DonJoy® VersaROM® Hip Brace


Precise, Individualized Protection and Support

The low-profile, DonJoy® VersaROM® Hip helps deliver effective, functional ROM restriction in 15° increments. Easy-to-use abduction/adduction push buttons and malleable hip and thigh shells help provide an individualized fit for increased patient comfort and compliance. The adjustable compression belt with easy-grip pull tabs anchors the hip joint, and the padded thigh cuff increases optimal alignment. With a universal fit, one brace fits right or left hip up to a 54” waist circumference

Indications: DonJoy VersaROM Hip is indicated for use with post-op patients who have undergone a surgical procedure and need an orthosis until the component is integrated and soft tissue heals.

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1.Integrated belt compression with cinching straps

Pull tabs anchor the hip joint and thigh cuff to promote optimal alignment

2.Malleable hip and thigh frames

Conforms to patient’s hips for optimal, individualized fit

3.Precise ROM Adjustments

Range of Motion allows controlled hip flexion and extension adjustments in 15° increments

4.Telescoping Height Adjustment

Helps to accommodate a wide range of heights and body shapes

5.Laterally placed abduction paddle with three-point pressure

Helps to maintain the head of the femur in the acetabulum

6.Customized Fit

Two optional push-button hinges adjust abduction and adduction for an individualized fit

7.Lightweight, slim-profile design

Combined with the softgoods, helps to maximize patient comfort and compliance



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MKTIS00-10126 RevA VersaROM Hip Clinician Application



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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 6 × 8 in


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