Deluxe Dressing Stick 26″


  • Smooth lacquer coating finish increases durability of the ⅝” diameter wooden shaft and helps protect delicate fabrics from snags and tears
  • Double hook end has a unique bend to assist with putting on shirts, pulling up pants, or removing socks
  • S-shaped hook end is designed to help ‘hook’ the edge of clothing or aid in pulling zippers up or down
  • 5/8-inch diameter, hardwood dowel handle
  • 26 inches long


Deluxe Dressing Stick

The Deluxe Dressing Stick is made of a lightweight 5/8-inch diameter hardwood dowel that measures 26 inches in length. A dressing stick is designed to reduce bending, twisting and reaching while dressing, and can assist anyone with restrictive movement. Use the dressing aid to pull fabric, belt loops, shoe strings, and more. The Deluxe Dressing Stick is an essential dressing aid for daily tasks, ultimately helping users regain their dressing independence.

Essential Aid

The vinyl-coated, double hook end provides a snag-free tool to pull on or push off clothing, including those with delicate fabrics. The smooth vinyl coating gently holds the fabric to prevent it from slipping off of the hook when in use. Hook a belt loop to pull up a pair of pants, push the shoulder of a sweater to take it off, or grab the end of a sock to remove it.

Minimize Movement to Dress

Designed to minimize twisting and reaching, the dressing stick can also help reduce the extent to which the user is required to stretch. Opposite the double hook end is a specially shaped, small hook, which helps ‘hook’ the edge of clothing or aids in pulling zippers or shoelace loops.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 6 × 4 in


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