Cefar® Femina TENS for women before, during and after birth



  • Cefar Femina provides pain relief during labor with no side effects to mother or child
    Cefar Femina provides solutions to problems with pregnancy and post pregnancy: swollen feet,
    neck and shoulder pain, and loss of muscular elasticity
    Three year warranty (unit only)
    Neck Strap: The stimulator comes with a detachable neck strap and belt clip making it easy to use
    at home


When you are pregnant, things happen in your body that can cause pain. It is completely natural. As natural as you feel concern for the thought of having to be in pain. Especially if it is your first pregnancy or if you have had a lot of pain during someone before. At the same time, you may be hesitant to take painkillers as they run the risk of affecting the child.

The solution to the problem is called TENS (Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation). It is a well-tried and side-effect free method of pain relief. TENS has long been used in healthcare and the efficacy has been proven through numerous clinical trials.


  • Comfortable massage and pain relief during pregnancy (Pregnant women should not be treated with TENS for the first 12 weeks.)
  • Effective pain relief during childbirth without affecting the child
  • Reconstructional muscle training after childbirth


Standard Accessories:
1240 Set of Lead Wires (2pcs)
1840 User Manual (FR-DE-ES-EN-IT-SE-NL-PT)
1495 Cefar Femina Neck Strap
1845 Cefar Femina Hand Switch
1551 Batteries, Alk 1.5V AA (2pcs)
1559 Cefar Bag (Black), 2ch

Technical Specifications:
Number of Channels: 2
Number of Programs: 5 preset
Constant Current: Up to a resistance of Max 1500 Ohm/channel
Maximum Amplitude: 60 mA
Intensity Increments: Minimum 0.5 mA
Max Pulse Duration/Width: 300 μ seconds
Max Frequency: 80 Hz
Power Source: 2×1.5V AA
Dimensions*: 120 x 30 x 50 mm
Electrical Safety Class: Class II, Type BF

Waveforms: Symmetrical Biphasic 100% compensated

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 10 × 4 in


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