1st Wireless Disinfectant Blue Ray Mist Spray Gun



  • Hospitals, clinics, and health care facilities
  • Medical and science research labs
  • Restaurants, cafeterias, food service facilities
  • Cruise ships, hotels, hospitality services
  • Schools,  universities, educational facilities
  • Jails, prisons, correctional institutions
  • Government and public service offices

Rechargeable Wireless Mist Spray Gun:

  • Disinfectant can be sprayed
  • Wireless and rechargeable
  • Lighter weight and small size
  • High pressure water pump
  • High-tech anti-clogging nozzle
  • Adjustable spraying intensity


  • Blue ray – Strengthen the effect of sterilization
  • Anti-slip handle – Safe and convenient to hold
  • Spraying regulator – To adjust the spraying intensity
  • Power switch protection – Avoid accidental pressing during shipment
  • 2 hours fast recharges – up to 70 minutes of use

VitalOxide Disinfectant – Health Canada Approval to Against COVID-19

Sanitizes Hard and Soft Surfaces by Spot Treatment
60 Seconds is All It Takes to Kill 99.999% of Bacteria

7 Cleaner Solutions in 1 Product:

  • EPA Registered Hospital Disinfectant: Proven to kill a wide range of viruses and bacteria, won’t contribute to the formation of mutating “super bugs,” and does not contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
  • Food Contact Sanitizer – No Rinse Required – NSF Registered (D2) Sanitizer: Kills 99.999% of food borne bacteria, including E. coli, Salmonella, and Listeria in less than 60 seconds.
  • Molds & Mildew Killer: Kills and prevents spores with up to 7 months residual effects. Safe on a wide range of surfaces from marble to carpeting and beyond.
  • Allergen Eliminator: Proven effective on pet dander as well as dust mite and cockroach allergens. Can be used directly on pet bedding and sleeping areas.
  • Odor Eliminator: Ends malodors caused by smoke, trash, septic systems, stale cooking, and more. Contains no masking agents or fragrances and is highly effective at neutralizing urine and fecal odors.
  • HVAC and Air Ducts for antimicrobial control: Used in HVAC systems and air ducts for antimicrobial control, including eliminating bacteria, mold, mildew, and other fungi. Leaves HVAC systems and air ducts free of microbial contamination and ensures air quality.
  • Soft Surface Sanitizer: Used on a wide range of soft surfaces. Kills odors and odor-causing bacteria on soft surfaces by eliminating the source. Great for upholstery, curtains, and auto interiors.

DIN# 02422654

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Vital Oxide Disinfectant Cleaner is great for refilling product sprayers, sanitization dilutions, mold remediation, commercial use in facilities and hospitals, and covering large surfaces and areas. Kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, kills fungus, mold, and mildew at the source and inhibits growth, sanitizes 99.999% of bacteria on food-contact surfaces with no rinse required, and eliminates odor at a molecular level, not by masking with fragrance.

  • EPA-registered, hospital-grade disinfectant and mold killer—eliminates mold, mildew, bacteria, viruses, and odor
  • Inhibits the growth of mold and mildew
  • No rinsing required and does not leave sticky residue
  • Bleach-free, no phosphates, no harsh chemicals, and non-corrosive to treated articles
  • No harmful byproducts or fumes and non-skin irritating
  • Fragrance-free
  • Kills odors caused by bacteria, mold, and mildew at their source
  • Ideal for cleaning and removing mold, mildew, and other organic matter commonly found in homes, basements, attics, crawl spaces, walls, kitchens, and bathrooms


Vital Oxide Features:

  • Full strength and ready to use
  • Two dilution options for sanitizing
  • EPA-registered hospital disinfectant with lowest toxicity category—gentle enough for daily disinfecting and sanitizing
  • NSF-registered “no rinse on food-contact surfaces” sanitizer
  • Certified by the Carpet & Rug Institute for pet stains and odor
  • Effective disinfectant that kills 99.999% of bacteria and viruses, including H1N1; MRSA; Norovirus; HIV; Legionella; Pseudomonas aeruginosa; Hepatitis A, B, and C; Ebola virus; and others (see testing summary)
  • Effective fungicide
  • Effective mildew and mold remover—kills mold spores and prevents mold regrowth on tile and other materials up to seven months
  • Excellent for water damage and mold removal services
  • Heavy duty odor eliminator—gets rid of bad odors by attacking the source of the problem, not by masking
  • Eliminates allergens in homes and other environments
  • Eliminates mold, mildew, and odor in HVAC systems and air ducts
  • Sanitizes 99.999% of food contact surfaces with no rinse required
  • Carpet and rug sanitizer
  • Soft-surface sanitizer
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • pH balance of 8-9
  • No volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • No harsh chemicals, non-irritating to skin, no nauseous fumes
  • No personal protection equipment needed

VitalOxide has 3 dilution ratios:


Vital Oxide comes Ready to Use (RTU) as a full-strength EPA hospital disinfectant for non-porous surfaces. Full strength is recommended for first-time use on surfaces. Full strength should also be used in environments with high rates of bacteria, mold, and mildew and in high traffic areas and touch points.

If you are applying Vital Oxide for the first time on a surface to remove mold, mildew, bacteria, viruses, or odors, pre-clean the surface implementing traditional cleaning methods (e.g. using water and soap). Be sure not to use an acidic cleaner like vinegar because this may cause a bad reaction with Vital Oxide. You can also use Vital Oxide as a cleaner. Just spray onto the surface and wipe with a paper towel or rag.

5:1 Carpet or Rug Sanitization

The 5:1 dilution is intended for carpet sanitization and to pre-treat carpet for stain and odor removal. This application is essential for households with children and pets to prevent the spread of illnesses and cross contamination of surfaces.

Carpet should be clean or free of excessive soil before applying. Dilute Vital Oxide 5-parts water to 1-part Vital Oxide and spray onto surfaces from a distance of 6-8 inches. Work the product down to the pad of the carpet with a rake or a brush and allow enough ventilation to air dry. Fans may be used to dry the carpet faster. Repeat process as needed.

Try on an inconspicuous area before full application to test for color fastness.

9:1 Daily Surface and Food-Contact Sanitizer

Vital Oxide is a no-rinse non-porous, food-contact surface daily sanitizer.

The 9:1 dilution is intended for everyday sanitization of high traffic areas like residential and commercial kitchens, bathrooms, and items within those areas like doorknobs, handrails, cutting boards and other food-contact surfaces, counter tops, etc.

Dilute Vital Oxide 9-parts water to 1-part Vital Oxide and spray onto surfaces from a distance of 6-8 inches.


  • Lowest EPA Toxicity Category IV
  • No gloves or protective equipment required
  • No ocular irritation
  • No dermal irritation
  • No acute inhalation

EPA Registration for MRSA

EPA Registration for Norovirus


  • No rinse required on food-contact surfaces

NSF Registration for No Rinse No Wipe Required

Product Name: Wireless Disinfectant Mist Spray Gun & VitalOxide
Color: White
Material: Polycarbonate Plastic
Power: 18W
Fully Charging Time: 2 Hours
Usage Time: Up to 70 minutes
Battery Capacity: 2000 mAh
Container Size: 350ml
Product Size: 23 x 20 x 5cm
Net weight: 710g
Package: 32 x 30 x 8cm
Gross Weight: 1.55kgs



Disinfection Testing Report

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 6 in


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